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Dr. Russell McClanahan

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The Most Reverend
Dr. Charles Travis

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The Most Reverend Dr. Ricardo Lorite de Lima


The Right Reverend
Don W. Jones

Provincial Staff & Contacts

Archbishop McClanahan is the Presiding Bishop of the Province of St. Peter and the Archdiocese of the Holy Cross. He has been in the ministry since 1965, having served as Program Director or an alcohol and drug treatment center, Pastor, Church Planter and Missionary. He has traveled extensively throughout the West Indies and portions of South America and is the President of the Evangelical Episcopal Theological Seminary. He was consecrated as a Bishop October 3, 1995, and served as the International Presiding Archbishop of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches from the first Advent of 2003 to July of 2006. Under the leadership of Archbishop Russ, the Province of St. Peter and the CEEC has nearly tripled in size worldwide. Archbishop Russ and his wife make their home in Tallahassee, Florida

Archbishop Travis leads the Archdiocese of St. Chad. He is most notably the Chancellor of Logos Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida. Logos was founded in 1978 as a trans-denominational education ministry of the Logos Global Network. LGN has founded over 200 colleges and schools of ministry offering individual distance learning programs of study from the associate through doctoral degree levels. In 1982, Logos was authorized by The Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities to grant degrees and continues as a registered degree granting institution with The Florida Commission For Independent Education. or 

Archbishop Lorite de Lima leads the Archdiocese of Brazil. The Archdiocese of Brazil joined the CEEC in November of 2007. Seeking to expand beyond the borders of Brazil in ministry outreach, the CEEC with its "relational structure" vice geographic boundaries was the right fit for this historic body. or

Bishop Jones is Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of the Nativity. Ordained in 1984 as a charismatic pastor, he ministered in several independent churches and taught at two ministry colleges. He became an advocate of convergence ministry after experiencing "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of the charismatic movement. As Bishop, he leads his team of churches and ministers of the Missionary Diocese of the Nativity in building parishes that point to the Cross. As founder of the Knights of the Cross and Covenant, Bishop Jones hopes to build chapters across denominational lines dedicated to charitable work, clergy support, and disaster relief.


Bishop Wright oversees the Missionary Diocese of St. John the Beloved. Bishop Wright has been married for 32 years. He and his wife, Elaine, have three children and three grandchildren. Entering the ministry in 1985, Bishop Wright was consecrated in 1999. He serves as a Senior Chaplain and Manager of The Department of Spiritual Care, University Community Hospital, University Community Hospital Carrollwood, and Pepin Heart Hospital and Research Center, Tampa, FL. Also, Bishop Wright serves on the Disaster Preparedness Committee for the State of Florida Department of Health: specifically working with the Florida Emergency Systems for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP).

The Right Reverend Dr. Bruce Wright


The Right Reverend Derek Jones

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The Most Reverend
Dr. William E. Brown


The Right Reverend Alan Morris

Bishop Jones oversees the Diocese of the Ascension. This diocese is home to CEEC Military Chaplains (paid Chaplains requiring endorsement). Bishop Jones also serves cooperatively as the Endorsing Official for a handful of non-CEEC Anglican Chaplains. Ascension is also home to several churches. A church planter and mission-minded Bishop, he has established churches, missions, ministries, and lay religious orders in the US, Canada and abroad. Most notably, Bishop Jones is a church historian with an emphasis in Eucharistic tradition and history. A 26-year combat veteran fighter pilot, he continues to stay involved with the military by working closely with the military chaplains he oversees. He and his family make their home in central Alabama.

Archbishop William (E) Brown is the Founder and International Presiding Bishop of The New Day Fellowship of Independent Global Churches and Ministries, under the protectorship of the Province of St Peter within the CEEC. As a Pastor to Bishops and Pastors; State Side, he watches over 30 Churches in 13 States, including 10 Bishops, 5 Overseers and 25 Clerics. Internationally, he oversees more than 210 churches, including 11 Missionary Bishops and 80 Clerics, within the Continent of Africa and Europe. Archbishop Brown has over thirty years of ministry experience; ten years in the episcopacy and seven years in unbroken apostolic succession.  In 2008, Archbishop Brown established The North America Bishops Congress and was elected to serve as its first term President, by the Ecumenical Synod. Archbishop William and Elect Lady Cecelia Brown reside in Memphis, Tennessee.

Bishop Morris is Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of St.Aiden of Lindisfarne. Bishop Morris' work in the area around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has been significant for the Province of St. Peter. The focus of Bishop Morris' ministry is kingdom expansion through the hard work of discipleship and the spiritual transformation of disciples. His work of raising up, equipping and releasing of ministry into the home church models, and partnering in ministry with the "Church Army" occupy a major portion of the ministry. An accomplished artist and art teacher, he uses watercolors, oil paintings and sculpting as a method of experiencing a contemplative life and to support the mission vision. or


Bishop Harmon serves as Bishop for the Diocese of Australia. Bishop Harmon's church ministry has been highly successful over the last several years. Outreach and church planting in Australia for the CEEC began in earnest in the latter part of 2006. Bishop Harmon and his wife have been "called out" in an extraordinary way as they begin a relational Anglican presence in Australia.

The Right Reverend Rex Harmon





Bishop Timothy is the Bishop of the Diocese of St. Paul. The Diocese of St. Paul works primarily in countries that are hostile to Christianity. Therefore due to the extreme danger to the Bishop and clergy of the Diocese of St. Paul we have chose to use a pseudonym of "Timothy" for the Bishop and to remove his picture from the web site. All future reference will be to Bishop Timothy for the time being.

The Right Reverend


The Right Reverend Dr. Henry Roberts


The Right Reverend Dr. John C. Hope, Sr.

Rt. Rev. Eric Thomas

The Right Reverend
Wm. Eric Thomas


The Right Reverend David Scott

Dr. Roberts serves as Suffragan Bishop for Archbishop McClanahan. Dr. Roberts' ministry can best be described as "full service." Under his care are several churches in the Mobile, Alabama area that involves community fellowship, soup kitchens, a television and radio ministry, full outreach ministries, and a host of other ministries associated with this large metropolitan area. He was consecrated as a Bishop in December of 2007.

Dr. Hope has retired from ministry and from the State of Florida, Department of Correction, where he was the Parole and Probation Supervisor responsible for the South Dade Operations. In 1992 Bishop Hope entered the International Seminary, Orlando, Florida where he received the Ph.D. Degree in Pastoral Care and Guidance (1966). From 1966 to 1999 he was the supervisor in charge of the counseling staff at Agape Women's Center. He and his lovely wife, Mona M. Hope, BSN, RN have been married for over 40 years and make their home in Florida.


Bp. Thomas is the founding Presbyter of Living Faith Anglican Church and inaugural Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of St. Matthias the Apostle, a community of various Christian Communities and ministries devoted to the promulgation of the authentic historical Christian faith "once for all delivered unto the saints".

Bishop Scott is the Founder of The Canonical Order of Chaplain, a community of Christians called to carry out the mission of Christ to those who are wrestling with life’s pressures. We are a community focused on those who may have no spiritual home, or trapped by sickness, and disease. We seek out those lost in hopeless circumstances. We provide inspiration to those who have lost their vision and purpose. We show how service to God provides meaning for life. We are God’s men and women for the moment of crisis. We are a vowed community for mentoring, equipping, and organizing men and women for the ministry of chaplaincy


Bishop Imong will be serving as a Missionary Bishop to Nigeria and developing branches of Logos Christian College and Seminary for the development of Christian leadership and discipleship.

The Right Reverend Samuel Imong

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